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What Happens After You Order Your Window World Products?

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Whether you’ve already had your design consultation and placed an order for your replacement products or are still considering whether to upgrade your home’s exterior with Window World, you may be curious about our process. Here we’ll answer some FAQs so you can know what to expect when you purchase windows, doors, siding or another product from Window World.

Will Window World Contact Me to Schedule an Installation Appointment?

Soon after you place an order with Window World, you’ll hear from our installation experts. We’ll work with you to schedule your product installation, accounting for any manufacturing time for your custom-made products.

How Can I Prepare My House for My Window World Products?

To get ready for your replacement windows and doors, remove any curtains, blinds or other items that may be in the way. Clear a path to the area where your window will be installed so our team can get to the location easily. We also advise removing any wall decorations, like mirrors or picture frames, that may fall during the installation process. You can prepare for a siding installation by trimming any nearby trees and shrubbery and moving your car out of the way.

How Much Time Should I Allow for the Installation?

Installation time varies based on the type of product you purchase and those being removed. Since we sell vinyl windows, a type of window that is lightweight and doesn’t require pre-stain, installation time is relatively low. Vinyl windows also expand pretty easily, making them a great option for homes with all kinds of windows and window shapes.

On average, the installation takes around 30 minutes per window to complete. Our installation team will also take some time after placing the window in your home to clean up the surrounding installation area. The entire process of installing a Window World window or door typically takes a day. Siding may take longer depending on the size of your home.

What Type of Warranty Does My Window World Product Come With?

Window World offers a limited lifetime warranty on all our windows, doors and siding.  This industry-leading coverage ensures that vinyl components of windows will not peel, all mechanical parts are free from manufactured defects and the sealed insulated glass unit is protected against defects that may produce obstruction of vision.

Still have questions about our unique process? Watch the video below!

Ready to Place an Order?

Now that you know how our process works, you can place an order with ease. Schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation to get a free quote today.