How to Stay Warm in this Winter Weather

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A New Winter Storm Could Break Youngstown Snowfall Record

We don’t know about you, but here at Window World of Youngstown, this month’s weather has surprised us all! According to CBS Youngstown, as of February 24th, Youngstown was just 4.9 inches shy of meeting the all-time February snowfall record, which was 22.1 inches in 1912.

Last week’s storm left about 10.5 inches of snow to keep us all nice and cool as we see February out, and a storm that’s expected to drop this week could break the 22.1 inch snowfall record. With a false warm start to the month, the weather certainly fooled us all. So how do we stay warm in this seemingly endless bout of cold weather? We have a few tips.

5 Tips for Staying Warm in Your Youngstown Home

  • Keep doors and windows shut tight. The weather outside is frightful, so why venture out there? With temperatures this low, it’s important to make sure you’re not opening and closing windows and doors too much, as this allows cold air to enter your home.
  • Run your ceiling fan backwards. We mentioned this in a winterization blog post a few months ago, but we can’t reiterate it enough. This simple trick can help circulate warm air and cut energy costs up to 10%.
  • Keep your water heater at 120 degrees. Doing so can lower your energy usage by 6-10%. If you’re having a hard time maintaining this temperature, using a water heater blanket around the tank can help.
  • Seal any source of outside air. Make sure to caulk any area around your door or window, that may have opened up with change in temperature. Sealing this will prevent unwanted air from coming in. If you’re feeling a draft from under an entry door, put a blanket or rug in front of it to block the cold air.
  • Install energy efficient replacement windows. Will your home just not stay warm, even after you’ve tried everything? It may be time to consider installing energy efficient replacement windows to help you maintain constant temperatures in your home. Learn more about energy efficient windows.

If you’re having trouble staying warm with drafty windows and doors, Window World of Youngstown is happy to help. We still install new windows in the cold, and will be ready to help as soon as possible!

So when the second storm hits this week, and you’re thinking of ways to keep the temperatures up in your home, just remember these few helpful tips. And think, spring is just around the corner.

Should you need anything, contact the professionals at Window World of Youngstown. We are happy to help! We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and warm during the record-breaking winter weather!

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