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How to Host Your First Thanksgiving

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Whether you’ve recently bought a home, or have lived in the Youngstown area for a while, most everyone has the opportunity to host Thanksgiving at their house. This can seem like a stressful event when you’re the one heading up the guest list, cooking the meal and getting the house ready, but Window World of Youngstown is here to help. We’ve put together some tips and tricks for hosting your first Thanksgiving at your home, so that your event will go on without a hitch.

  1. Prepare your menu…ahead of time. It’s important to have your grocery list planned out ahead of time so that you can get the proper ingredients before they run out. Try and make a list of what you need the weekend before and make a trip to the grocery store that Sunday. If you try and go the day before Thanksgiving, you’ll be facing large crowds and chances are some of your ingredients may be sold out.
  2. Let your guests help. If your guests offer to bring a dish, let them! It will take stress off of you when it comes to the menu. If that guest has a food allergy, it may be better that they make it themselves, to avoid contact with their allergen. As long as you cover the staples, like the turkey, guests can bring the sides.
  3. bedroom with replacement windowsDecorate your space. Make this gathering your own by adding personal touches here and there, whether you have a lovely wreath on your entry door or a DIY centerpiece. Your guests will feel comfortable in your space, thanks to energy efficient windows that warm your home during this cold time of year.
  4. Have fun! Thanksgiving is a time of year to celebrate family and the many blessings in life. Don’t stress too much about the smaller details because everyone will have a good time. After the meal is over, pat yourself on the back, you just hosted your first Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Window World of Youngstown

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