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Why You Should Consider Installing Casement Windows

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Upgrading a home involves lots of choices. When bringing new elements to your home’s exterior, you may be tempted to go with similar doors, windows or siding to what was there previously. However, going in a bold new direction can pay off, and casement windows are a fresh, unique choice that can liven up your home inside and out. Learn more about this window below! 

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are a type of window that cranks outward with a side-hinged sash, making them an ideal choice for hard-to-reach areas. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but casement windows provide many unique features over other style choices of windows.

Unlike any other style of window, casement windows open fully, allowing for maximum ventilation. They’re also a great security investment. Because locks on casement windows are imbedded into their frames, casement windows are very difficult to break into.

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Are Casement Windows Energy Efficient?

Casement windows are the second most energy-efficient window style after fixed pane windows. The window sash presses against the frame on closing, creating an airtight seal. With fewer chances for your temperature-controlled air from inside to leak out, your HVAC system will have a much easier time keeping your home comfortable.

Benefits of Casement Windows

There are many benefits with casement windows, but here are a few highlights.

What Makes Window World of Youngstown Casement Windows Unique?

Casement windows, by design, are often quite different from other windows. Since they open and close more like a hinged door than slide up or over like double-hung or sliding windows, they’re an immediate differentiator you and your neighbors will notice. Capable of opening up fully yet still having a full, unobstructed pane of glass when closed, they’re a popular choice for enjoying your surroundings. 

Enjoy Updated Windows from Window World of Youngstown

Considering replacing your home’s windows? Casement windows are a great option with plenty going for them. Get in touch with our friendly team at Window World of Youngstown to get started with your free estimate