Replacement Windows

The Case for Vinyl Windows

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custom vinyl windowsWith so many choices in replacement windows available today, choosing the right window material for your needs can be confusing at best.

The good news is that almost any replacement window you choose will make a dramatic difference in your home in both appearance and performance should you decide to make the investment.

As to choosing, wood, fiberglass or vinyl material, the choice depends on what you consider most important? Is it construction, maintenance, style, thermal performance, price or a combination of these?

Today, 69% of new residential windows sold in the US today are vinyl (AAMA/WDMA U.S. Statistical Review and Forecast) Why?  Vinyl windows cover most, if not all, of the characteristics of the attributes of a good window choice.

Vinyl windows, if manufactured properly, are extremely durable, even in areas of high fluctuation of hot and cold. Quality vinyl windows minimize degradation in high temperatures and will not crack, break or peel. They will also maintain their color better than other materials, and resist UV rays.

Vinyl doesn’t conduct heat or cold, and hollow chambers in the frame block heat transfer, helping to energy loss and protect against inclement weather.

Vinyl windows are super low maintenance, with no painting needed like wood windows. They are easy to clean and care for with a mild soap and water mixture. Most double hung styles include sashes that tilt-in for inside cleaning of the outside glass.

Color choices are limited, yet available color selections complement many house colors.

Compared to other materials, vinyl windows are often more economical because they are readily available in standard and custom sizes, and are relatively quick to install. Yet, they maintain the same lifespan of more expensive options.

Window World, the nation’s largest replacement window company, installs over one million vinyl windows per year (for the past five years in a row).  For a no-obligation quote for one or a houseful of new vinyl windows , contact Window World at 1-800-NEW WINDOW.