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What to Consider When Building an In-Law Suite

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Multigenerational living permits your family members to age in place in an environment specifically designed for their comfort. Whether you build additional space onto your home or create an entirely separate space, in-law suites are the perfect addition to your property. We’ve outlined a few considerations for building an in-law suite to help you get started.

What Are In-Law Suites?

In-law suites make room for multigenerational living without sacrificing privacy, while also increasing the square footage of your home. Accessibility features like high electrical outlets, wheelchair-friendly hallways and non-slip flooring empower your family members and help them feel comfortable and safe.

Where Are In-Law Suites Typically Located?

Private living quarters like in-law suites are generally attached to the main home, but smaller, separate buildings on the same property are becoming more popular. Regardless of location, an in-law suite provides any guest or permanent resident with everything they’d need for independent living.

Things to Consider When Building or Converting a Space to an In-Law Suite

Constructing an in-law suite is a big decision, so weighing your options and formulating a plan is the best way to start.

The Budget

Before even thinking about paint colors, you know what to do: set a budget. Make a list of everything (and everyone) you’ll need before starting your construction or renovation plans. Research potential contractors, painters, movers and other home renovation services to find the best value for your dollar.

Where to Build

Depending on your property’s space, you’ll need to first decide where you’ll lay the foundations for your in-law suite. Weigh your options—you may find that a separate in-law suite can also serve as a she-shed or hosting space. If you plan to attach the in-law suite to your home, you’ll need to set ample time aside for the project and keep in mind that construction will happen in your space.

Local Government Rules and Regulations

Check in with your local government office to review whether your building site is within city guidelines. Don’t forget to also consult your HOA and the management contract to make sure an in-law suite is ok on your property.

Opportunities for Home Upgrades

While making your plans for the in-law suite build, look for other areas of your home that could be upgraded in the process. When attaching a new in-law suite to your home, some sections will have to be removed and replaced. Take the opportunity to upgrade your home’s siding or install custom, energy-efficient windows into your new in-law suite.

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